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erda-estremera-sxNt9g77PE0-unsplashLong-Distance Moves

We may be Iowa City-born, raised, and based, but long-distance moves, or any move across state lines, are our bread and butter.  That hometown feel is what makes moving long-distance with us so great — it’s the comfort and camaraderie of moving with friends, but better (you won’t have to buy us pizza and beer afterwards).

Full Service Long-Distance Moving

Full service?  You bet. We’re small but we’re mighty.  Our expertly-led teams of movers and drivers use professional packing and delivery methods to make even the most stressful long-distance move seem simple and easy.

What To Expect

First Contact

Like any other move, call us first for an estimate.  We’ll ask you a few simple questions in a friendly, non-threatening way in order to tailor the estimate to your unique needs, namely:

  • The size of your current space
  • The amount of stuff in that space

These questions help us determine what it will likely take to complete the move in the most efficient manner possible.


You know what they say: an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of packing tape.  Long-distance moves require a longer timeline than a standard local move — luckily, we have experience in this kind of thing.

One-to-Two Months Before

Contact us to get a moving estimate.  We’ll use the size of your current home and the approximate amount of belongings you’d like to move to determine a quote that fits your unique situation.  We’ll also need to discuss where you’re headed: some states have special laws about long-distance moving.  If you’re headed to California, for example, we may need to make some adjustments.  Keep us in the loop so we can help you prepare for the journey successfully.

We’ll also send you a questionnaire via email — your answers will help us get an idea for which tools and supplies we need to move your possessions safely.  These questions include:


  • How many and what type of items you would like us to move
  • Whether you’ll be packing items yourself or would like some assistance
  • How much disassembly and re-assembly we need to do (think beds, desks, and other large items that won’t fit through a door without a fight)
  • The distance between your residences and our truck–is your driveway a mile long? What about the new house?
  • Any in-house navigation issues we might have, like narrow doorways or tight corners
  • If any of your belongings–grand pianos, glass cabinets, priceless antiques passed down in your family for generations–need special care and protection, so we’ll know to bring the materials and equipment we need to move them safely.

It’s also a good idea to take inventory of your belongings.  Use your phone or camera to take pictures or video, and make a list of the serial numbers on electronic items.  In the event that something should happen–though we doubt it will–you’ll be better prepared to file an insurance claim.

One Week Before

Moving day is coming up fast–use this time to update us on any changes in your plan.  It’s also a good idea to prepare large items, like appliances and rugs, for the move. A more complete list of packing tips like this can be found here.

A day or two before moving day, we’ll check in via phone or email to make sure everything’s set to go.  We’re thorough like that.

Moving Day

Your crew leader will call en-route to let you know they’re on their way, giving you plenty of time and peace of mind.  Should you have any last-minute questions or concerns, your crew leader will be happy to sort them out in order to move you and yours as smoothly as possible.

Happily Ever After

You’ve successfully relocated–but we want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied!  We’ll send you a performance survey via email.  To thank you for taking the time to complete it, we’ll donate $10 to the local charity of your choice.

Our mission is to make sure your experience lives up to your wildest dreams, as long as you dream of worry-free and efficient moving–if you ever have any questions or concerns, we’re a phone call away and eager to set things right.

Preparing for Your Long Distance Move

Curious about what else you can do to prepare for your move?  Explore our library of helpful tips and tools below.

Packing 101

From empty boxes to expertly-taped and ready-to-move, we’ll walk you through it.


Moving with Kids

Everything you need to know to help them understand and enjoy the process, right here.


Safe Moving

Our complete guide to a safe and healthy moving day:


Moving Green

Actually, moving with us does make the world go ‘round–find out how to reduce the environmental cost of your move here.


Moving Checklist

Peace of mind and instant organization in one handy checklist.


Ready to Get Started?

Let’s get you into your new home. Contact us today for an estimate.


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